Front foil

Front foils and decorative foils are often used as control panels on equipment and vending machines. There are many possibilities and the quality of the print is very good. As the underside of the material is printed, it is damage-resistant. The buttons can be embossed or domed for that extra ‘click’ feeling. These labels are often produced on Autotype polyesters.

  • Good chemical-resistance
  • Scratch-proof surface
  • (Semi) transparent windows optional
  • Can be embossed
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Very versatile
  • Full-colour prints
  • Chrome inks
  • Matt-gloss effects
  • Can be fully or partially domed
  • Suitable for use with different types of adhesive layers
  • Use of 3M spacer tape for e.g. LEDs
  • Optional aluminium or stainless steel support sheet

The examples shown only give an indication of the many possibilities.